JVC Kaboom Box- Why it is a Winner in More Ways than One(Featuring the JVC RVNB10W Portable Boom Box)

August 4, 2011

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Imagine a world without music. You simply cannot. Music does make the world go around and it’s around us each and every day. Through music we can display and release many of our emotions. We listen to music when we are sad, happy, and angry or need to take a deep breath and just relax.

With the invention of music came other technology tied to the industry. After discovering how wonderful music was, the ability to share it with others through the creation of the radio, satellite systems and recordings of voices and instruments came along.  With the advancements made with the technology that touches this industry came great companies like JVC, and one of their flagship products, the JVC Kaboom box.

JVC has been in the industry of music for years and has been synonymous with music for decades. A group of brothers by the name of Woelfel invented the boombox in 1975. The first boombox played the 8-track car stereo system along with the local radio stations. We have certainly come a long way from the 8-track car stereo system and local radio stations with how we use our audio media equipment today.

Boomboxes are a thing from our past that has stayed in touch with technology as we have advanced. Many view the boombox as something that has gone the way of CD players, but there are customers looking for a great piece of media equipment that would be sadly mistaken. The creative minds of the retail manufacturer JVC has taken a great idea conceptualized years ago and made a wonderful piece of audio media equipment for today.

The JVC Company have manufactured some of the best boomboxes on the market for years and has used their artistic, knowledgeable as well as innovative designers to keep their name in the minds and hearts of their dedicated following and added new fans to the wonderful name of JVC in the music showcase with the fabrication of JVC RV-NB1 Kaboom Series Boombox.

Using the technology of today and yesterday combined together they have developed the JVC Kaboom Series Boombox RV-NB1 that is more than the typical audio media player. This JVC Kaboom Box has more than one or two uses. This JVC Kaboom Box is an innovative piece of equipment can be used in several different variations of a typical audio media player. You can use this particular series of boombox as a microphone, guitar amplifier, radio, cassette recorder, microphone as well as a radio. One of the great things is playing music at prerecorded times. When using this JVC Kaboom Boombox from JVC you can record your mixings from the microphone or guitar amplifier settings to be listened to again and again.

Any music lover would be very satisfied investing in the JVC RV NB1 Kaboom Series Boombox and the uses that come along as standard with the JVC Company of great audio equipment. You simply will not go wrong with this piece of technology that has permitted us to enjoy our music again and again in certainly more ways than one.

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Price: $299.95

21ZVN58QN7L. SL160  JVC Kaboom Box  Why it is a Winner in More Ways than One(Featuring the JVC RVNB10W Portable Boom Box)

Product Features:

  • Portable, cylindrical-shaped, 52-watt boombox with CD player, cassette deck, and digital AM/FM tuner
  • Bi-amped circuitry independently drives pair of 3.19-inch full-range speakers and 6.31-inch subwoofers
  • Supports CD, CD-R/RW, and MP3 (on CD-R/RW) formats; 50-track programming, repeat play, and random play
  • Wireless FM transmitter streams MP3s from portable music player; 1/4-inch mic/guitar chord input
  • Rugged white housing; measures 27.19 x 9.44 x 11.69 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty

Product Description

JVC RVNB10W Portable Boom Box with Guitar/Mic Input and Wireless MP3 Connection


JVC RV-NB10W Kaboom Boombox with Guitar/Mic Input and Wireless FM Transmitter, White

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